The Science of DDW

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About Global Supply DDW

We specialize in manufacturing, bottling, and selling an amazing product that made science indistinguishable from miracles DEUTERIUM-DEPLETED WATER (DDW), under the brand name Hydro-Health or in bulk, at concentrations ranging from 12 PPM, 25 PPM, 50 PPM, and on-demand (2 PPM, 5 PPM, 10 PPM, etc.). PPM means parts per million.

Hydro Health DDW is the deuterium-depleted water that conquered America and now expands internationally. We are primarily inviting partners from Europe, Australia, and Japan to explore collaboration opportunities with us.

As we continue to grow in the complementary and Alternative Medicine Market, we know we can develop great products and a network of excellent partners to spread the mission worldwide through innovation, collaboration, and communication.

Made in the USA since 2019, a product of unparalleled quality, exceeding all US purity standards, and tested frequently by the most reputed laboratories, Hydro Health DDW is certainly the deuterium-depleted water one can buy, as it also has the best price compared to all other vendors.

The DDW of choice for young and old alike, for healthy and ill people, Hydro Health DDW, restores the body’s metabolic power, so it can better fight disease or the challenges of modern lifestyle. Read more about the science behind Hydro Health DDW in the Science Sections on, or

In May 2023, we finalized the investment in one of Asia’s largest DDW manufacturing facilities.

We can now offer larger quantities of 12 ppm*, 25 ppm*, 50 ppm*, and on-demand DDW in bulk in 1000 liters (265 gallons) of food-grade plastic containers (IBC) to water and beverage bottlers worldwide.

We want to expand the reach of our best-quality products, looking for partners in Europe, Australia, and Japan.

We invite you to be part of a foreseen growth in the next five years of over 400% and read more about this amazing business opportunity on HERE

Our partners will benefit from our five years of making and selling Hydro-Health DDW, over ten years of experience in the deuterium-depleted water market, and access to an innovative product.

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