What is deuterium and what are normal levels in water?

The Science of DDW

Deuterium levels differ in different parts of your body. Where deuterium is required for biological processes, it is high, like your blood (150 ppm). But in your mitochondrial nanomotor, it must be low or preferably absent as they only use hydrogen to” rotate” the engine.

Some researchers feel deuterium in tissue should not exceed 130 ppm based on levels found in green plants and grass-fed animals.

Deuterium-depleted water helps reduce deuterium levels in the body.

Deuterium is a rare but naturally occurring stable isotope of hydrogen. Only 1 in 6500 hydrogen atoms are deuterium.

Deuterium levels in drinking water vary, with approximately 95% of the global potable water ranging between 143-157 ppm.

HydroHealth deuterium-depleted water, and our deuterium-depleted water-based products range from 25 to 85ppm.

The lowest deuterium water levels are found at the north and south poles and on top of glacial mountains.

The highest levels are found along the equator at sea level and in desert groundwater.

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